Rose Hearts Stampato Bracelet


Rose Hearts Stampato Bracelet is a stylish bracelet with hearts crafted from 925K sterling silver and bonded with the two tones of 10K gold; yellow and rose.


Rose Hearts Stampato Bracelet is a stylish bracelet that is crafted with 925K sterling silver and bonded with the two tones of 10K gold; yellow and rose. Yellow gold is used in the cross design and the other gold colors are used in minimal heart designs with a small cubic zirconia feature on each. The hearts are a bit bigger than the crosses. You will look stunning with this bracelet!

Rose Hearts Stampato Bracelet

We recommend you buy this bracelet to bring out the beauty in you with its unique design. Your jewelry reflects your style. People notice you and get an idea of your style. A stylish piece of jewelry always reveals your beauty. It is an object that complements your stylish clothes. We are happy to present you with this bracelet, one of our jewelry pieces you will love. We want this bracelet, which you can use on beautiful and special occasions, to be among your jewelry. You can use it with both stylish and sports clothes. This bracelet is suitable for your daily use.

Among the accessories, bracelets are among the most preferred jewelry. Bracelets stand out with their aesthetically original designs.

One of the things to know about bracelets is that they are a nice gift option. If you want to remind someone of yourself, it would be very appropriate for us to present this bracelet as a gift. This bracelet, and will be a great gift for your friend or special someone.

If you want to buy a beautifully designed bracelet, this product is perfect for you. We believe that you will like our designs prepared with great care. At the same time, we care a lot about your health. All of our products are anti-allergic. We paid attention to avoid skin reactions caused by the jewelry. Our products also do not contain nickel. You can use it safely.

Additional Information
Dimensions 7 in
Gold Karat


Metal Type

Diamond-Cut, Gold Bonded Silver

Metal Color

Tri Tone


Anti Allergy – Nickel Free – Cadmium Free

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